Tuesday, 1 May 2012

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My Goal of Make Tweaks and ROM.

Well, tweaks like Adrenaline Boost, Adrenaline CPU Control, Adrenaline Task Manager are to help users to clear ram / manage their processor and clock speed without using app as those app in market take at least 5mb and always run in background. With these tweaks, users will be able to handle their devices a breeze without losing system performance. Moreover, these tweaks are completely FREE.

Adrenaline Guide is to help those users who have some experience and knowledge to build their own custom ROM, not only using others ROM. It gives users a chance to enjoy modifying their ROM and probably publish their unique ROM with their own style to benefit the android community.

Adrenaline Engine is aimed for providing users smooth and fast system performance. I'm not simply copy and paste, publish some useless @ssholes to cheat noobs and rookies. Your constructive suggestion and opinions is always welcomed !

I had used Adrenaline ROM a long time before I publish it on XDA. It is aimed for fast, smooth, stable. Although it's based on stock rom [Blackhawk ROM by Ketut], I wanted to make it has as many features as possible. Meanwhile, without losing every bits of system performance. There's so many themed custom rom out there with useless tweaks installed, so I decide to share my ROM to users. ;)


sumedh said...

thanx man and i like your rom 3rd edition is fuking awesome keeep it up

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